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El encanto de una cocina vintage

cocinas vintage

Did you like the old kitchen that your grandparents had in the country? It is clear that what you like is the vintage style. Well, it’s time for you to learn how to build an authentic vintage kitchen in your home.

And do not worry, even if you make a vintage kitchen decoration in your home, it will not be outdated or anything like that. It may have a vintage look, but with a slight modern touch!

Why is the vintage style good for the kitchen?

vintage kitchen decoration

Choosing a vintage kitchen for decoration is a good solution for all those who feel uncomfortable with modernity, or who do not like too simple spaces.

Vintage kitchens are cozy places, designed to create memories among family members, with family meals, recipes … and jars full of sweets!

The same as you did when you were little, but in your own home, to pass the baton to future generations. If you want that, go for one of our ideas for vintage kitchens.

Characteristics of small vintage kitchens

vintage kitchen decoration

There are many ideas for vintage kitchens, in fact, we have prepared some a little below. However, you will see for yourself that they all follow a certain pattern. Would you like to know the characteristics?

Soft colors

The colors for vintage kitchen are easy to choose, because while these are in a clear and clean , you will not be wrong to choose them. However, we will talk a little below about what you need to know to paint a vintage kitchen.

Wooden furniture, with many details

It is what stands out in a vintage kitchen. Wooden furniture is not enough to have any relief on the doors of the cabinets . These must be full of shapes, be curved … be special! And that generate a good memory.

Glass jars in sight

As if it were a decorative accessory, it is not uncommon that in vintage kitchens there are glass jars on huge shelves hanging on the wall.

On the one hand, practical for you when it comes to finding everything you need to cook. On the other hand, an ideal way to generate a small memory with your family and friends , do not you think?

A country aspect, which is relaxing

Do not misinterpret the vintage term in a kitchen with the classic one. A vintage kitchen decorating takes elements from the old country kitchens , not from the ones in the big cities.

Do not make mistakes with this, because then you would be doing a classic or retro decoration, which is not the same.

Colors and materials for the walls and floor of vintage kitchens

vintage kitchen decoration
Before thinking about decorating the wall of a vintage kitchen, you’ll have to work a bit on the floor and give it a coat of paint, do not you think? Let’s see the options you have.

Colors to paint a vintage decoration kitchen

In vintage kitchen decor it is very important to choose the color well. You have two options. Or put a color on the wall that stands out, and bet on furniture that combines white with the same color , or choose a simple color for the wall and that are the furniture that bring that special touch.

For example, you can choose the white to paint your kitchen in vintage style, and the doors of the cabinets, or furniture, can be in blue, green, pink or red … wooden furniture is also welcome!

What do you not like that option? Well, then paint part of the wall with a color like the one we mentioned earlier, and let the furniture combine white with wood . Although the colors to paint a vintage kitchen are simple and simple, they fulfill their function perfectly.

Wood for the floor

In the field it was normal to put a wooden floor, since they are rustic style houses. So you should bet on this. But not a parquet style wood, but a rustic and rustic wood.

This will help make the interior design of vintage kitchens for your home more spacious and easy to achieve. Another solution is a floor that simulates the stone, which is also well received in vintage decoration.

There are many ideas of vintage kitchens on which you can build to work the entire floor, you should see that combines better with your style.

Tiles, only in the area of ​​the countertop

Keep an eye out. With this we are not going to tell you that if you want a kitchen with tiles, you can not have it. It’s just that, for the vintage decoration of the kitchen tiles are usually placed in the area of ​​the dashboard and what covers the rest of the countertop.

This helps keep the wall very clean. As for the type of tile, it can be one completely white or of another color, that marries with the color of the cupboards, as well as in different tonalities, according to your personal taste.

Painted paper?

In country houses, the use of wallpaper in kitchens was not so common. This should rather be left for the rest of the rooms of the house.

The perfect lighting for your vintage kitchen

decorate kitchen vintage style

Lighting is important, especially when decorating small kitchens in vintage style, so that the space does not seem smaller. But how to get it?

A large window that faces the outside

This in the cities is a little more complicated, since as a rule the windows overlook a patio through a gallery. However, if you manage to unify both spaces, you can achieve a well-lit kitchen.

Use white as the main color

Before we told you that you could use white to paint the walls of your vintage kitchen. This, apart from being a color that marries with any other, also helps you to make the space more luminous and spacious. You should not discard it.

Hanging ceiling lights

Here you can play a little with other decorative styles, since when decorating a vintage kitchen you should try to have as much light as possible, especially at night.

For this, pendant ceiling lamps are used. These may lack a screen, exposing the bulb with a cable well hidden by a tube . Or a beautiful metal screen. The choice is yours.

Decorative objects, the key to vintage kitchens

Decorating vintage style kitchens means focusing, to a great extent, on what the accessories are in this space. It is a perfect space for decorative objects, although many of them are elements of the same kitchen.

decorate vintage kitchen

Utensils and glass jars in sight

A little further down we will tell you how to have this well organized in view, but now what matters is that you know that your mittens, ladle, spatula or glass jars with spices can be a decorative object in vintage kitchens very good .

Decoration objects of yesteryear

Posters of old movies or ads, some object that you had when you were a child as a lunchbox … all these objects are widely used in vintage decoration for kitchens.

On the one hand, they decorate, and on the other hand they help you remember your old ones with a certain longing. This is how you will manage to build a unique space in this space.


Another thing that we will talk about a little below, but we already anticipate that something that helps to decorate a vintage kitchen is undoubtedly the ability to use fabrics . They decorate at the same time they have a second function.


No other style is going to accept both the inclusion of plants and vintage kitchen decoration. Remember that it is better plants that do not always need light , or they will die very soon if your kitchen is cold and off.

Furniture of a vintage kitchen, what secret does it have?

Each type of kitchen uses specific furniture that makes it different. And in the case of vintage decoration in a kitchen is no different. But what has that makes it so special?
ideas vintage kitchen decor

Reliefs and many curved lines

When decorating a vintage style kitchen, no type of furniture is used … furniture that has many details on its surface is used.

This can be a simple relief, something that could seem very simple and bland. However, combined with a good metal handle, or wood, is luxury.

On the other hand, when we talk about extra furniture, such as a wall shelf, a large cupboard or a pantry, it has to have many curves and some flourishes .

Details that are made by hand, so that it looks like they have been made by hand, but that they are luxurious with the details of your vintage kitchen … so you will not go wrong!

Colorful furniture

Previously, we told you that in order not to complicate your life a lot when it comes to painting your vintage style kitchen, you opted for the white for the walls, and that the furniture would be of another color.

In this type of space, blue, pink, green and orange furniture were very common , so nothing happens if you want to recover that unique touch that allows you.

Another good option is a combination of colors, that is, the structure of the furniture in white with a stronger and lively color for the doors of the cabinets. Or the other way around, according to your personal taste.

Wood, the main material

What you do not have to do wrong when looking for furniture for your vintage kitchen is choosing the material. Wood is, and always will be, the favorite material. Whether for the cabinets or the rest of the kitchen furniture.

What do you buy a table? Make it of wood. A standing cupboard? Of wood! And if you have a slight aged touch, better than better.

Open furniture or with glass doors

Another very good touch to succeed against the rest of the kitchens decorated in vintage style is to bet on open furniture or have glass doors.

In the decoration of small vintage kitchens this is used a lot, as it helps to make the space seem a little larger, leaving everything uncovered.

Modern appliances, but with a retro touch

Do not throw your hands to your head, because the fact that you are going to have a vintage decoration is not going to mean that you have to have old appliances. Nothing of a stone oven nor of a gas stove.

You can perfectly have a kitchen in vitro (although the gas is much better). But some appliances may have a slight old touch , for example, the refrigerator or the oven.

The simple fridge, in a colorful pink or green tone, with an oven that, although it has all the functions of modern ovens, has that retro touch you are looking for in this type of decoration. They will be luxurious, do not you think?

Riding a vintage style kitchen, what do you have to know to not fail?

vintage kitchen decoration

With the large number of ideas to decorate vintage kitchens there is sure to be a good design. However, there are some things you can add to your vintage kitchen and thus not fail in its construction. Do you want to know what they are?

Shelves on the walls

A very common feature of all vintage kitchen is having shelves on the walls. These often replace the wall cabinets.

The shelves leave things in view , and these can be used to put the different glass jars with the food. Keeping them in sight, you help the kitchen to gain some character.

Another option is the shelves . A little wide, which not only serve to store glass jars, but also for your crockery. Placing it well, your good crockery can become an interesting decorative object.

Straw chairs, are they an option?

Although we are now so accustomed to padded or PVC seats, formerly the common were the seats lined with straw. Clearly, if you want to have an authentic vintage kitchen, these will come in handy for the table, without a doubt.

In addition, the backup does not have to be simple. Moreover, the structure is round, instead of smooth, backed with a striking uniform shape. In white, or the same color you chose for kitchen furniture. And you will triumph.

A table in the kitchen

In the design of small vintage kitchens, tables are usually dispensed with. However, if you have the opportunity to put one, do not hesitate and do it. A table in the kitchen gives you a place to work on food, as well as to eat.

As with chairs, this can be the same color as the cabinets, or of a different tone, as you prefer. But with a somewhat aged look.

Fabric to cover the lower furniture

You’ve had to see this sometime, and when decorating a rustic vintage kitchen, it was used a lot. In the past, many people did not want to have doors in the lower cabinets of the kitchen.

But of course, leaving the bowls, the butane bottle or whatever was under the cover was not very good, especially when there was a bit of disorder. So, what was done in these cases?

Very simple, put a cloth on a rope to cover everything, and then you just had to run it to take what was needed. A very good practice and that will help you get a vintage decoration in the cheap kitchen.

Hangers on the dashboard

Remember when we told you that kitchen utensils could become part of the decoration? It is easy to achieve, with good hangers to put on the dashboard.

Apart from decorating, this will allow you to always have at hand the utensil that you use the most. You can even put this into practice with the saucepans and pans , if you decorate a small vintage kitchen and dispense with the upper cabinets.

Use construction furniture, to give it a more vintage look

Something that, on the one hand, can help you give a unique touch to your vintage kitchen, is that the furniture is work.

In other words, that the furniture is made of plaster, like the wall, made to measure, and then wooden doors, a strong color to highlight.

This will help the kitchen form flow better than if you built a kitchen from scratch, and it will be easier to maintain than if they were totally made of wood. In addition to that they will support great weight.

Does it hit? That, if then you get tired, the work to knock down everything will come out a little more expensive. But, the fact that something wants something costs, do not you think?

A storage and decoration space

Another thing that will help you to have a unique vintage kitchen decoration is to create a light space that serves as storage, but at the same time will serve to put some decorative objects.

As a general rule, this was done with another kitchen cabinet, which could serve as a pantry, but had an open part, with a countertop . At the top, you can put the cups, the bowls … on the wall some hangers with the cups you use most and the lower drawers for the crockery or the cutlery.

Or as you prefer to do it. Another option is a large piece of furniture with two doors and a large glass that lets you see what’s inside. So surely everyone who enters your kitchen will be speechless.

Make a pantry, help to gain character to the kitchen

When the kitchen is very small, you will not be able to enlarge the space. Well, there is always the option of throwing the wall and opening it to the living room. But let’s think you do not want to do that.

How can you earn some storage space? Simple, building a pantry. But where could you ride it? Well, you have several options.

One would be to take some space out of the aisle, to mount it. If this one is big, will you care? Another option would be to take advantage of the gallery of your kitchen. Send the washing machine to the bathroom and set up a small pantry there.

With all this, it is with what you are going to earn a lot for your vintage style kitchen, otherwise, the reduced space will make you lose enough of your character.

Would you like to save when decorating a vintage kitchen?

vintage decoration for kitchens

You already know how to decorate a vintage style kitchen, and now you have to learn a little how to save. Although this is what we are going to tell you, it is not a secret, but we rarely think about resorting to it.

Inheritance is always an option

If you have a relative who lives in the country, and you have grown tired of the kitchen you had, do not let it get rid of the furniture . Take them home to take advantage of for your vintage kitchen and save a good peak.

Do not buy anything without buying prices and wait for offers

Since vintage style is something that is considered from the past, buying this type of furniture in stores can go for a good peak.

So, do not buy anything until you have valued all the options in all the stores. Moreover, we do not recommend that you buy a vintage furniture for your kitchen until there are discounts and rebates , because you will lose a large part of your budget, especially in household appliances.

The second hand, why not?

Now you may not see the second hand with good eyes, but believe us. For a vintage decoration in the kitchen is the best. You save money, you can get an authentic bargain and it will be an old vintage furniture . You never know what you are going to find.

The gallery of vintage kitchens that you need

Building a vintage kitchen will not be easy, and you will need some time to get it all. However, with this set of images of vintage decoration kitchens you will get some ideas that will save you time. How about you take a look?

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